Your bike deserves
a better owner

Does your precious bicycle get the attention it deserves? It probably doesn’t.

Stop treating your bike like trash and get timely service reminders for all its vulnerable parts with Velog.

velog app on desktop and mobile screens.

What is Velog?

Velog is a bike management app that can track the lifespan of every individual part in your bicycle on a daily basis. Velog uses the data from your Strava rides to send service reminders tailored to your bike usage, allowing you to service your bike on time and prevent excessive damage from the exploitation.

How does it work?

Link the app to your Strava account.

Add bikes.

Add and configure the bike parts you’d like to track.

That’s it. Keep racking up the kilometers and reminders will follow.

Why do I need Velog?

It saves money

When your bike parts are being serviced properly, they last longer. It’s never cheaper to get a new one – especially when what you have now has a pretty long lifespan ahead.

It saves time

Fixing the problem is easier when you know where to look for the issues. Once any given part in your bike outlives its lifespan, you’ll receive a reminder it’s time to retire it.

It makes cycling safer

Accidents happen – but they happen much less often when your brakes are in a good shape. Velog helps make sure your gear doesn’t give out on you in the crucial moments of your ride.

Let's stay in touch

Velog is currently in the developement stage, but once we get it up and running, we’ll let you know – to receive the updates, leave us your email address.

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